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Taking your business to the next level

Once we’ve identified a small to medium business as a potential partner, we work with the owner to ensure their goals for the business match the potential we see for them. Our driving purpose is to enhance companies to manage business risk by developing diverse business models and investment opportunities for profitability.


Qey is tasked to address the need for a greater comprehension of how small to medium sized businesses contribute to the global landscape of the economy. The company directly creates value by broadening the scope of services and products available for strategic relationships or stand-alone entities.
Sometimes providing advice or knowledge can be more valuable than simply handing over cash. Giving the “knowhow,” provides a learning experience that can help lead to continued growth opportunities.
By injecting cashflow into a company, we’re able to help bring the company up or help take them to a new place they couldn’t previously achieve. 
Qey Capital evaluates start up to midsize businesses in consumer services, technology and engineering, exploring how our relationship can improve the business
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