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Our Approach to growing your business

Before we select the small to medium businesses or the partners we want to work with, we conduct a thorough due diligence process, getting to know each company. We conduct an intensive top down and bottom up evaluation of business model, finances, management and industry. Ultimately, our approach focuses on making investments in selecting high-quality opportunities investments that may be made at attractive valuations and maintaining the highest standards when making investment decisions.

The Criteria

We look for investments that adhere to most of the following criteria.
  • Start-up or existing platforms (min 3 years) that have a competitive and strategic advantage demonstrated through performance
  • Strong potential for growth and scale within a business in industries underrepresented by diverse supplier, products and/or managers
  • Solid management team looking to partner with Qey towards implementation of new resources and growth ideas
  • Existing management team willing to assist with the transition of management with Qey
  • Strength of talent within the company with potential to grow and execute organically or with strategic acquisitions
  • Initial investment of 51% – 100% of equity and/or debt capital, depending on phase of company
  • EBITDA margin of 15%+ or Gross margin 40%+ Company with moderate to low Debt to Equity ratio

The Path

Once we’ve identified a business, we identify their path.
  • Adding resources and management to assist with enhancing the current business model
  • Structuring an investment model that keeps all partners motivated and keyed into growth and scale
  • Tapping into a network to expand opportunities for new markets and value
  • Forming strategic partnerships to assist in improving performance and reduce business risk and costs
  • Creating synergies with the business model to enhance sales, operations and advisory platforms
  • Exposing the platform to unique tactical opportunities that may not currently exist
  • Cultivating dynamic relationships to create companies that employ people locally, regionally and nationally
  • Enhancing business through experience, resources and knowhow…
  • Focus on MBE creation in underrepresented areas
  • Placement of capital with either start up or existing business models that benefit with resourceful MBE leadership
  • Seek to expand, employment and execute the market not cannibalize the market
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