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Qey Capital evaluates start up to midsize businesses in consumer services, technology and engineering, exploring how our dynamic relationship can help take your business to the next level.

By providing capital, both intellectual and monetary, we have a goal to improve performance, diversify market exposure and infuse business optimization resources for development and growth. Learn more
Qey Capital has a unique value proposition to business owners looking for opportunities in their portfolios. We can be the partner you need, sustaining what you’ve built for years to come. Learn more
We utilize both internal and external contacts including corporate executives, commercial and investment banks, financial intermediaries, private equity sponsors and other members of our global network to provide opportunities to invest, grow and maximize our target businesses. Learn more


The US Staffing industry is anticipated to grow faster and add more new jobs over the next decade than any other industry. Recognizing this opportunity, Qey formed a joint venture with Hyur, a full service, privately owned MBE staffing company that works with companies to address their hiring needs.
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